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We are excited to launch, beginning with Spring Term, a Mentor Program for new JAMS parents and parents of students who are having difficulty advancing or other issues. The goal of this program is to help our students, and student families, to succeed, and we believe it will benefit the entire JAMS family.

To participate:

  • Email us or communicate your concerns or issues.
  • We’ll find a suitable match for you, based on your needs. We’ll connect you to your mentor via email introduction or sharing phone numbers.
  • If you’d like to opt out of this program, please let us know by March 18.

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From Our Parents & Students...

My son Anish is in the advanced level Abacus math program… it is amazing that he started 1 ½ year ago and he is already at the advanced stage. We’ve noticed that Anish is very interested in finishing the homework on time and hungry for more math assignments. I am thrilled at the difference this program is making for my son in his thinking skills, building self-confidence and his progress in positive learning with relaxed manner. Miwako has great methods of teaching and encouraging the students. We are very glad to have a teacher who dedicates time to each child. We want to THANK Miwako and JAMS for providing this great learning opportunity! -- Sushma Peruri

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