Growing in Math Skills... as well as Knowledge, Confidence & Success

Growing in Math Skills… as well as Knowledge, Confidence & Success

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Violet was asked what goals she would like to set for herself. She stated that she would like to be very good at something in school. So we looked into all the subjects to see which goals would be attainable and would leave her with some lasting value.

We decided it would be math and with the help of JAMS Violet went to work to achieve her goal. She was told that she would have to put time and effort into this. Results would not be instant.

The more we learned about the Japanese abacus the more we liked it. The methods are superior to anything else that we have seen. Logical, multimedia and disciplined approach to learning which results in knowledge, confidence and success.

In less than a year Violet succeeded in reaching her goal. She is well ahead of her class in math and is continuing to reach higher goals. Her level of concentration and focus have shown marked improvement.

Thank you so much Sensei Miwako, and Sensei Stephanie. With your encouragement and disciplined approach Violet has moved ahead in spite of having many turmoils and distractions in her life. Not only have you taught her math but you have also helped her focus, become more responsible and more confident.

— Kathi Johnson

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From Our Parents & Students...

Sensei Miwako has become part of our family over the years. She is a great mentor who we can rely on for guidance any time with our children’s academic path. The Portland community is blessed and so are we – we’re very grateful for her huge role in our children’s excellent achievements! -- Samu & Anup Kumar

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