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Register Now for Summer Abacus Camp!

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Registration is Now Open! Register Today!!

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Summer Camp – 6/27-8/18 (8 weeks)

Beginner 3:30-4:30, 6-7pm
Tuition: $720

Intermediate, PreAdvanced, and Advanced 4:30-6pm
Tuition: $360

Homework option
4 weeks – $125
8 weeks – $250

There is no make up week, just make up as you go!

Registration Deadline is 6/16 (Fri.).

If you are not taking Summer Camp, your Fall tuition is due on 6/16 (Fri.) as well!


JAMS – The Japanese Abacus Math School…

Where your child’s success really adds up!

Stop in or call 503.419.8040 to register today or schedule you no obligation preview of our Abacus math lessons!

From Our Parents & Students...

12746195_10207933202903671_1938170412_nMy parents first enrolled me in JAMS when I was very little (around kindergarten), and during the first few years that I took the class they became amazed that I could calculate arithmetic problems involving high-digit numbers at very fast speeds, all in my head. So I continued to learn abacus from Miwako-sensei until high school when I unfortunately became too busy to attend anymore. Even so, throughout all my years at JAMS, I grew attached to the class and abacus became second nature to me. I like math, and I love using the mental skills I learned from abacus to solve math problems easily. I also liked the system of levels in the class, and I would strive to work hard to hone my skills and move on to the next “level” of my abacus training.   Over time, however, I began to realize that abacus class was so much more than just solving math problems in your head; it is about refining your mental focus and thinking. I am very grateful that I took abacus because it has tremendously helped me not only in my schoolwork, but also in my other activities. One of my passions is computer programming, and abacus has helped me develop an efficient way of thinking about how to create a program to solve a problem. I used my passion for programming in high school to found and lead a computer club in high school, and we even won a $5000 grant for the school from an app design competition from Verizon. This is how abacus has impacted my life; the skills I have learned and the mentality I have developed has helped me through high school. Now, I am attending the University of Washington intending to major in Computer Science, and I know that abacus will continue to help me in the future.   Thank you, Miwako-sensei, for not only helping me learn how to use the abacus, but also for teaching me incredibly valuable skills that will help me throughout my life. You pushed me to work hard and do my best in class, and I became more determined and confident in myself because of that. Abacus became a way of thinking for me, and I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put in to ensure that for me and your other students. Also, now that whenever my parents need help quickly figuring out discount prices or taxes, they will also know whom to thank as well.   But sincerely, thank you again Miwako-sensei for bringing abacus into my life.   --Fatih Ridha -- Fatih Ridha (University of Washington 2018)

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