Surprised at the Speed at Which She Does Calculations

Surprised at the Speed at Which She Does Calculations

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Based on levels the students are at, Sensei adapts her teachings so that the students can make the most out of it. My daughter Abhi has been blessed with excellent teacher who understands her challenges and handles her with grace. Every class makes a difference in the way she handles maths.  We can see her confidence building up day by day.  She continues to share the tips with parents and eager to compete with us in doing math.

At times, we were surprised at the speed at which she does the calculations.  Thank you Sensei for coaching Abhi to reach this level.  She has started her one digit division and already doing multiplication with Abacus and Anzan.  She loves to do her Anzan and gives her best effort to complete all the homework on time. Sometimes, she is so excited to take up additional pages even though they were not part of her assignment.

Abhi started JAMS in November and with 6 months she was able to do ANZAN, Abacus inclusion of addition with 3 digit addition and subtraction and was able to do multiplication too.  My heartfelt thanks to Sensei for coaching Abhi.

— Thulasi & JP

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My 6 yr. old is in the Intermediate level, learning 2 and 3 digit multiplication, 2 digit division, and 4 digit addition and subtraction with abacus and is able to complete up to 2 digit multiplication and 3 digit addition/subtraction with Anzan. She takes pride in completing her homework on time, she knows to ask when she does not understand a new concept. When she does a three digit multiplication, we find ourselves having to flip open our calculator to check her work. Miwako Sensei is passionate and highly structured with what she teaches in class and also with what she sends as homework. It is amazing what Sensei has accomplished with our child in just one year and we are looking forward to their reaching many more milestones in future together. We are so fortunate to have such a remarkable teacher right in our own backyard! -- Yagna Jyothy Vemuri‎

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