Grateful for the Time We've Spent at JAMS and with Sensei Miwako

Testimonial – Kelly & Erin Wheeldon

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Over the past few years, each one of our children have had the opportunity to take classes from Sensei Miwako. I am so happy that we were able to find her and am amazed at the impact she has had on our children’s lives.

Maggie took classes for two years, through 6th grade. She grew academically with the skills of calculation, organization, and self-management that abacus classes provided. In addition, her self-esteem blossomed and she has become a leader of her peers. She has taken her positive outlook and become involved in her middle school as a member of Yearbook, Builders Club, and National Junior Honor Society.

Molly began abacus classes in 3rd grade. She has always been a quick study and abacus is no exception. She has a drive that few children her age have. Her desire for knowledge is insatiable. I have seen her skills grow and flourish at an astounding rate. She continues to impress me with her abilities. Her desire to be a difference maker, is in part, due to Sensei’s expectation that each child be the best that they can be. Molly has taken this to heart and is playing a role as a difference maker in her classes, but also in society with a desire to help those less fortunate. It makes my heart smile to see her caring attitude shining to the top.

Max is relatively new to the abacus world. He is a vivacious young man that has many abilities we are trying to tap and mold. Sensei has tapped into his number sense and is showing him the numerical pathways to learning. He has made several comments about abacus helping him understand his school math, and in fact making it quite easy. It has also given him a confidence around others that surpasses his sisters. He is eager to show his anzan and abacus calculating skills to his friends, his sister’s friends, and almost anyone that will allow him the time.

I am deeply grateful for the time we have spent with JAMS and to Sensei Miwako for the impact she has had on my children. She has aided in the molding of each one, something that could not have happened without her.

Thank You!

Kelly & Erin Wheeldon

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From Our Parents & Students...

Abacus has helped me tremendously not only in my education but also my social life and ability to communicate with others. As stated above Abacus has enabled me to stay one step ahead of my competition and peers giving me the opportunity to excel in math and other subjects such as physics. Abacus has also built a strong foundation of my public speaking. I was one of the mc's for a competition which really raised my confidence in talking to a large crowd and helped my ability to stay composed in front of a crowd of people. I also remember teaching/helping lower class classes which in turn helped me grow as an individual. The biggest take back from Abacus was to be able to maintain my Japanese culture while living in the US. I now know how important it is for me to maintain a steady balance of my Japanese culture as well as my American culture. Being taught by sensei has really allowed me to maintain that throughout my early years in life and I am very thankful for that. -- Ren Morita

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