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Where your child’s success really adds up!

japanese abacus math schoolAt JAMS – The Japanese Abacus Math School – while we specialize in providing Abacus instruction our goal is to work closely with our students to encourage them to succeed. When a child experiences success, they naturally grow in confidence and self-esteem, as well as their desire to continue the pursuit of that success.

We believe that by empowering them to achieve success with the Abacus – focusing on classroom lessons and homework assignments – they will grow in areas that go well beyond the classroom. That’s been our approach since we opened our doors in 2001.

Of course teaching the Abacus and mental math skills is the core of what we do, but the more skill your child has at using their brain to mentally address and solve problems, the more successful they will be. Very few ‘school’ subjects are geared toward teaching children to use their whole brain to solve problems, particularly in mathematics. With the advent of technology, children have become overly dependent on calculators to solve even basic math problems. That over-dependency denies them the opportunity to learn how to handle mental math calculations, as well as fostering the ability to focus on a problem and enhance their concentration skills.

Learning the Abacus provides all of these skills and abilities. Children who learn the Abacus generally achieve higher academic performance in all subjects because of the concentration skills the Abacus teaches them. They are simply more capable of looking at a problem and working it out mentally, before diving in. When this happens they become more confident and successful in all areas.

The world moves faster every day. Providing your child with the advantage that Abacus training delivers will help their success to really add up!

About JAMS Abacus Classes

  • Individual attention: Teacher/student ratio is 1:5
  • Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Abacus classes available
  • Teacher : Student ratio is generally between 1 : 5 and 1 : 10
  • Students receive homework assignments at each class
  • 1-hour sessions twice a week
  • Kindergarten through High School levels
  • Private lessons available for selected learning disabilities
  • Beginning level: Basic calculations and introduction to mental calculation process
  • Intermediate level: multiplication and division plus intermediate mental calculation process at increasing speeds
  • Advanced level: square root and complex algebraic formulas at speeds comparable to modern digital calculators, plus real-world applications

JAMS students will:

  • Learn to calculate 10x faster
  • Learn to more effectively concentrate and focus, leading to improved performance in other areas of study
  • Build confidence and self-esteem

JAMS works with students from public and private schools throughout the Beaverton area, including:


  • Oak Hills
  • Jacob Wismer
  • Bethany
  • Findley
  • Terra Linda
  • Richmond


  • Stoller
  • Meadow Park

High School:

  • Westview


  • Arts & Communication
  • Health & Science
  • International School
  • Science & Technology
  • Terra Nova

Private Schools:

  • St. Pius X
  • Valley Catholic
  • Jesuit
  • OES
  • Catlin Gable
  • International School
  • St. Mary
  • French American International
  • Portland French School
  • St.Stephens Academy
  • Pilgrim Lutheran School
  • Childpeace Montessori School
  • Class Academy
  • …and many more!

JAMS – The Japanese Abacus Math School…

Where your child’s success really adds up!

Stop in or call 503.419.8040 to register today or schedule you no obligation preview of our Abacus math lessons!

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From Our Parents & Students...

I'm glad we decided to enroll Adilah in this class. With individual attention and unique technique, Miwako has made math interesting and fun for Adilah. -- Lee Angela