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I believe that every child has abilities… many of which may be hidden. The reasons these abilities remain hidden lie in the advent of technology – specifically, calculators. By becoming overly dependent on calculators and computers children never learn the critical ability of mental problem solving. This skill – which is inside everyone – becomes dormant.

In most cases schools do a wonderful job of educating our children. However, calculators have become standard equipment, with children using them as early as first and second grade. This time in their lives is critical in the development of their ability to solve problems. By providing an ‘artificial crutch’ such as a calculator, those life skills are left undeveloped.

Fewer and fewer teachers are skilled in the area of teaching children how to mentally calculate and solve problems, because they themselves were raised in the ‘calculator culture.’

Children, specifically at an early age, need to be trained to utilize and activate their senses. Learning Abacus teaches children to use senses: their eyes to see, ears to listen and fingers to move Abacus beads for calculation. This training cultivates concentration skills, and their brain becomes more capable to calculate with no help of calculators. Although they are convenient and inexpensive, it is no exaggeration to say that use of calculators hinders recovery and improvement of children’s hidden abilities.

Come see for yourself the difference that learning the Abacus can make for your child. I’d like to extend an open invitation for you to call and schedule a no obligation classroom visit. I’m confident that when you witness for yourself the remarkable skills that we develop in our students, you’ll want to provide the same advantage for your child or children. At JAMS, we believe that when your child is engaged in learning the Japanese Abacus, their success will really add up!


Miwako Sakabayashi
Japanese Abacus Math School

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From Our Parents & Students...

Sensei Miwako is simply an amazing teacher who inspires and motivates her students to improve and excel constantly. Our children have had the unique opportunity to learn under such a great expert. Her calm demeanor, persistent focus on each kid, and personal attention on areas of improvement have helped our children grow to their maximum potential. -- Samu & Anup Kumar