JAMS Classroom Observation Rules

6 Rules to JAMS Classroom Observation

You’re now scheduled to see the JAMS students in action.

Now, you may wonder what to do during the classroom observation.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We created these easy-to-follow classroom observation rules to help you navigate and maximize this time to know more about JAMS abacus classes.  

1 – Be on time! 

You definitely don’t want to be late and miss seeing JAMS students in action but at the same time, you don’t want to distract the children during their precious learning time. 

So, ideally, you want to arrive 5 minutes before your schedule. That’s enough time to settle in and wait for the teacher to call you. 

2 – Wait to meet with the teacher

The teachers will meet you right after the students are dismissed. Take note of your questions and our teachers would be happy to answer them.

Payments are also accepted should you decide to enroll right away. So, it helps to bring your preferred payment method. JAMS accepts cash and check payments. 

3 – Remember to be unobtrusive as possible

This is a must during the abacus class! We would appreciate it if you could avoid making unfamiliar noises (ex. cellphone noise, parallel talking, or whispering) that may distract the students.

Concentration and focus are essential in all abacus classes. Having parents come in and observe the class can already be distracting to the students. So, let’s be supportive of the students in class by staying quiet throughout the observation. 

4 – Put your phone on silent mode before entering the class.

We can’t emphasize it enough that noise may distract students and prevent them from successfully doing their work. So, don’t forget to put your phone on silent mode before the start of the classroom observation.  

5 – You may bring your spouse, but not your child.

You might wonder why?  

First and foremost, parents will need their full attention to make the right decision. Parents need to actively observe. Observing the class will require a substantial amount of cognitive engagement as you try to check all your criteria to make a decision. Bringing your child may keep your focus away from the observed class.  

In addition, all JAMS teachers will be busy in class during the observation. So, no one can help you look after your child. 

6 – Enjoy the classroom observation!

We are excited to have you join the JAMS family. These rules are placed so you can have a smooth classroom observation experience and feel the atmosphere of the classroom. So, we want you to feel comfortable and enjoy the classroom observation. See if it fits what you are looking for for your child.