Covid Protocol

COVID 19 Protocol

Fall Term 2021

Q: Is vaccination mandated for all teachers and staff?
A: All JAMS teachers and staff are fully vaccinated.

Q: Will you maintain social distance in class?
A: We will keep a 3-foot social distance.

Q: Are masks required?
A: Yes. Everyone must wear a mask regardless of vaccine status.

Q: Is hand sanitizer provided?
A: Yes. Everyone must use hand sanitizer before entering a classroom.

Q: Is the temperature checked at the door?
A: Yes. We ask parents to keep a daily record of their child’s temperature, and we check those who did not provide us with the log sheet.

Q: Are classrooms cleaned thoroughly after each session?
A: Yes. We wipe surfaces with disinfecting wipes after each class.

Q: Will teachers and/or students be required to quarantine in the event of a suspected or positive case?
A: Yes, we require quarantine in the event of known or suspected Covid-positive exposure. We go one step further in our protocol: If you have traveled internationally or domestically, we request that you STAY HOME and SELF-QUARANTINE for 14 days before coming to JAM if you are not fully vaccinated.

Q: Do classes have HEPA filters?
A: Yes. We have an air purifier system in each classroom and office.

Q: What are the drop-off and pick-up policies to ensure appropriate social distancing?
A: We do not allow any adult to stay in the building for more than 10 minutes nor do we allow them to enter the JAMS office or classroom. (If you would like to talk to us, please email, call or text. We do not take any walk-in questions.) Students must arrive 5 minutes before class. After class, a member of our staff will escort students to the door of the building to release them. Therefore, parents must stay outside the building and keep at least 3 feet distance from one another. If parents are not present at the time of dismissal, we will take the student back to the JAMS classroom.


For the safety of all, each student should bring their own pencils, abacus, etc. There will be no sharing of items.

If a student does not have the appropriate supplies, there are three choices:

  1. The student will be dismissed and asked to sign up for a makeup class to be taken at the end of the term.
  2. The student will wait until their parent brings the forgotten item.
  3. Their parent can purchase the item from JAMS. We will bill your account for any needed items.

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