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I can’t say enough great things about what JAMS has done for my two children. In the one year since my children have been at abacus, I’ve seen incredible differences in their mathematical skills and what advancements they have made. Miwako sensei and Mika sensei really care about the children and teach not only abacus but teach our children discipline and respect. I highly recommend JAMS to anyone that wants their child to get a solid foundation in mathematics and the child who wants to advance and take their math skills to the next level.

Caroline Hari

JAMS is a great place to have our child excel her math skills. She also learns how to manage the time and different ways to approach a problem. Acing the maths at school and clearing levels at JAMS boost their confidence and they are happy to accept the new challenges as they move to the next level. JAMS also teaches the kids to be disciplined and increase concentration that will help excel in their lives. I am proud that my daughter is part of the JAMS and we would like to thank Sensai Miwako for coaching her.

Thulasi A. Parent of Talent & Gifted Student

Both my kids have been identified as TAG students and my daughter was TAG identified for Math. I am fully assured that the reason my kids have reached this level in their Math and other subjects by applying the rigor and discipline in other aspects of their life is due to JAMS and the excellent education they get at JAMS. Sensei Miwako including the other teachers has had a tremendous positive impact on both of my kids.

Swapna K. Parent of Talent & Gifted Students

Hi. I wanted to fwd thank Sensei for all that’s she’s done for my daughter. Her work does not go unnoticed. What’s she’s taught her has helped her in school. Her teacher saw potential in her and will have her work with another instructor to keep her math challenged. Thank you Sensei!

Meuy K. Parent of JAMS student identified for higher level math

In less than a year Violet succeeded in reaching her goal. She is well ahead of her class in math and is continuing to reach higher goals. Her level of concentration and focus have shown marked improvement.

Kathi Johnson

To our Jacob, Abacus is more of a hobby than a study. That’s how much he loves abacus and the enjoyment for math has grown over the years as his ability and skills have improved. We’re very pleased with the JAMS and would recommend it to anyone!

Angela Lee

She has now understood that she can always excel at math just like science and languages if she puts the right amount of effort and hard work. We will always be grateful to you for helping our daughter to love Math just as much as her other subjects.

Divya & Arun Arakali