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We are witnessing improvement in our kids with memory skills, as they memorize spelling words and long piano pieces almost instantly. They are beginning to process complicated information quickly and logically and we’ve observed a recent boost in our daughter’s creativity. We’ve also seen sharpened concentration and comprehension skills in my son who is in second grade. I would not think twice about recommending this to anyone who has children. The JAMS program is superb, and Sensei Miwako is a loving teacher who has a passion for teaching abacus and motivating the children to develop their mental gifts. -- Danielle Cox

JAMS – The Japanese Abacus Math School…

Where your child’s success really adds up!

When a child experiences success, they naturally grow in confidence and self-esteem, as well as their desire to continue the pursuit of that success.

At JAMS, while we specialize in providing Abacus instruction our goal is to work closely with our students to encourage them to succeed. We believe that by empowering them to achieve success with the Abacus – focusing on classroom lessons and homework assignments – they will grow in areas that go well beyond the classroom. That’s been our approach since we opened our doors in 2001.

Of course teaching the Abacus and mental math skills is the core of what we do, but the more skill your child has at using their brain to mentally address and solve problems, the more successful they will be. Very few ‘school’ subjects are geared toward teaching children to use their whole brain to solve problems, particularly in mathematics. With the advent of technology, children have become overly dependent on calculators to solve even basic math problems. That over-dependency denies them the opportunity to learn how to handle mental math calculations, as well as fostering the ability to focus on a problem and enhance their concentration skills… LEARN MORE

A Life Skill

Life is filled with many challenges, and children who learn skills to overcome them are better prepared for the future. Sports, music and other lessons teach these skills and instill an instinct to persevere and work through things that others believe are too hard or challenging.

In the Japanese and other Asian cultures, the concept of DO (pronounced ‘doh’) represents the ability to persevere and is taught through many activities.

  • Judo
  • Kendo
  • Taekwando
  • Kado (flower arrangement)
  • Sado (tea ceremony)

…and in Abacus – Syuzando (syoo-zahn-doh).

In the Japanese and other Asian cultures, the concept of DO (pronounced ‘doh’) represents the ability to persevere and is taught through many activities.

When JAMS students apply DO to their classes, and with the support of their parents to not give up and follow through the challenges they experience, they will not only benefit in terms of math skills, but life skills as well.

We’re equally proud of our many alumni who have gone on to big things in academics, as well as students who have overcome struggles with math and other learning challenges. As with sport or martial arts, not every student goes on to win awards and acclaim. But students who learn and apply DO go forward with a stronger ability to meet and overcome life’s challenges.

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Jan. 4 – Mar. 25, 2016



Tue. thru Fri. – 3:30 – 4:30

Tue. – 6:00 – 7:00

Sat. – 10:00 – 11:00

Tue. – Fri. – 4:30 – 6:00
Thu. 4:30 – 6:15
Wed – 4:30 – 6:30

Events & Closures

  • 12/18 – Winter Term Tuition Due
  • 12/21 – 1/4 – Closed – Holidays
  • 2/23 – Spring Registration Begins
  • 3/8 – 3/11 – Final Week of Regular Scheduled Classes for Intermediate, Pre-Advanced & Advanced
  • 3/15 – 3/19 – Final Week of Regular Scheduled Classes for Begninners
  • 3/15 – 3/18 – Exam Week for Intermediate, Pre-Advanced and Advanced
  • 3/22 – 3/24 – Make-Up Week – No Regular Classes in Session
  • 3/27 – National Competition in Los Angeles
  • 3/25 – 3/28 – Closed – Spring Break
  • 3/24 – Spring Term Tuition Due

JAMS – The Japanese Abacus Math School…

Where your child’s success really adds up!

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June 2016 Schedule Update

We have changed our summer schedule again! With JAMS community input, we have devised a new schedule that we think will best for most students. Our new summer term is 9 weeks, and resembles our normal schedule. The only difference is because it is summer, it is shorter, and more flexible! Makeups: There is no makeup ...

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