Whether we like it or not, today’s generation is highly competitive. As parents, we want our children to be equipped with the right tools to excel, not just in math, but in life in general. We all want our kids to keep up with the changing times. As much as possible, we want to provide them the best training for better outlook in life.

To make our kids discover their potential and become well-rounded individuals, we enrol them in after-school classes. But what is the best training for them? The Abacus does not only help your child to quickly learn math, but it also gives other benefits. Abacus training is an excellent way to make them shine in every aspect of life. Aside from an obvious advantage in math, Abacus training activates the brain sensors, improves photographic memory, and builds a child’s confidence in handling competitive exams.

In an article written by Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa, a professor at the Shinshu University, she discussed in details the ripple effects of Abacus learning. The first part of the research stated that Abacus students have superior memory and they have a greater ability to memorize over non-abacus learners of the same age. They are even able to recite the memorized digits backwards. This is because they have a mental picture of an abacus stored in their heads as they calculate and memorize.

They only not have the ability to memorize numbers well, but there is also an improvement in the memory of spatial arrangement. Students were asked to remove several black dots and these black dots were placed on different locations. They were then told to recreate the original picture by rearranging the black dots to where they were originally placed. The students only had a few seconds to memorize the specific location.
Abacus students had higher scores than their non-abacus counterparts. The spatial arrangement of the black dots does not have numerical values. The study proves that abacus learning does not only give an advantage in arithmetic equations, but also offers sensitivity to certain spatial arrangements. As a result, you will become attentive to every detail and movement without getting distracted. Automatically, you will turn into a keen observer. Repeatedly visualizing an Abacus increases your ability to put some sense in day-to-day scenarios as well.

Patience and endurance are necessary in this day and age. There is a lot of pressure on students in general. Patience and endurance are great factors of success in the long run. You can only practice these traits when you actively do math drills. Remember that we are all born with an immature brain. It depends on how we enrich it. That is why it is absolutely important to choose proper learning method for our little one. Give your kid a chance to discover his/her fullest potential by sending them to school that offers Abacus learning.

There are a number of abacus training academies in the US. Among the popular choices is the Japanese Abacus Math School of Portland. This February, JAMS will host an event that will showcase their students’ skills. Come and sign up to be part of this momentous event.



Nothing fuels the fire for math than discovering you can be a math genius! If you’re not sure Abacus will help your child, sign up for a free preview of our online Abacus Classes – there’s no obligation to register! Come meet with us, watch some kids in action, calculating at the speed of light! We guarantee you will have fun watching these little geniuses.




JAMS is proud to be the only Abacus math school in Portland and in the State of Oregon certified by the League of Soroban of Americas. Since 2001, we have dedicated to Abacus & Anzan instruction and to building a strong foundation of Mental Mathematics along with lifelong skills. JAMS empowers children to achieve academic success, so they will grow in areas that go well beyond the classroom. JAMS parents can expect their child to improve in 5 different areas: concentration, discipline, problem-solving, time management, and confidence. This is the teaching approach at JAMS since opening its doors.