Sure, at this age, we probably have traveled extensively. Personally, I recommend traveling at any age, but the earlier you travel and experience the world the better. The skills you acquire while traveling are priceless and you will gain important life skills along the way. That’s why it is important for you to take your children on trips.

Make time for it because travel is a part of your children’s education. Believe me, it can offer more benefits than you think. You can start small by planning an educational trip with your child in your own country, or even just your state first and eventually, the world. I consider my travel experiences very precious and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Below, I have listed 7 reasons why traveling is helpful for your children.

  • Traveling provides unique opportunities to grow.
    There are some things that a four-walled classroom cannot teach. Your kids will not learn about life just by seating inside a classroom. They need to visit places they’ve never been. They need to use their 5 senses to effectively learn new things. Once they are outside, they will experience the world for themselves. They will see how other people live their lives and they will recognize the differences. They will grow to be more grateful and appreciative of what they have.
  • Travel teaches history, geography, and nature in a FUN way.
    Trips can help them learn about the history and architecture of different countries. These places will be more than a picture in a book for them because your kids will experience and see it for themselves. It will become part of them and not just mere facts they read from a book. Moreover, traveling will teach them about the most mundane things about life. By camping and hiking, they will learn about the flowers, trees, worms, ants, birds, and other animals. They get to see nature’s marvelous creations up close and personal.
  • Traveling acquaints them to new things.
    You might ask yourself, “How can my kids remember these things? They’re still young.” Trust me, it’s amazing how a three-year-old can remember things. Do not underestimate their ability to learn things they are taught and to easily pick up the things they experience themselves. They start to understand different lifestyles even at a very young age.
  • Traveling teaches kids to be flexible.
    Travel plans will not always go according to plan. It will teach kids spontaneity and there’s no harm in not following a certain routine once in a while. They will be adaptable to certain changes they might experience in the future. Your kids need NOT to be perfect human beings that know a lot of things, but they need to be resilient like bamboo.
  • Traveling trains them to be patient.
    Traveling will not only teach resiliency, but also patience. Kids are always curious and you can’t keep them in one position for a very long time. Traveling will teach them to wait, enjoy, and appreciate the things around while cruising to your next destination. They will eventually learn that some things take time.
  • Traveling encourages kids to be more social.
    Constant exposure to different places and cultures will help children to know more about themselves. They will speak out what they like and don’t like. They will have the chance to talk and interact with people outside their usual circle of friends. Your children will learn how to get along with a diverse group of people at such a young age.
  • Traveling provides a much needed break.
    We live in a digital world now. Traveling really helps kids – and parents – to not rely on the Internet. It brings families closer because you only have each other. You will appreciate the people and things around you more. Parents will get to know their kids better and the kids will be happy to get all their parents’ attention. No work, no internet, and no distractions will intervene your travel experience.

Travel is education, it’s as straightforward as that. I can go on and tell you a million reasons why travel is beneficial for kids. If you ask me if you should take your children with you on trips, my answer would always be a YES! Whether it’s a short vacation or an out-the-country trip, do plan to bring your kids along. Do not wait for the perfect time because the right time will never come. All you have is now. If you worry about time and budget, start with something small. No amount of money can replace the travel experiences, the lessons learned, and the memories created. So, help your kids grow into well-rounded adults with a widened perspective of life and the best way to do that is through traveling together.

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