Holiday trips are for you and your kids to relax. However, it is still possible a foster a love of learning. After all, learning does not end outside of school. There are a lot of holiday activities to help your kids stay curious and interested about learning new things.
If you are planning to go on a trip with the entire family, don’t worry because I’ve got you covered on the different activities to do. I know it is extremely important to keep the kids busy and to ensure that they are still learning even during vacation. I have prepared a list of enjoyable activities to guarantee a fun-filled and enriching holiday break.

1. Let them read.

To this day, reading remains to be one of the best forms of learning. When your children read, they develop language skills and enhance literacy. Most importantly, they unleash their innate creativity and put their imagination to proper use.
Reading helps in relaxation. Educational materials can help pass the time while you are on the road. Whether you’re on a bus ride or a plane ride, reading can provide a good distraction. It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Stock up on some great reads and let your children discover the amazing stories stuck between the pages of a book.

2. Let them have fun.

Of course, you’re on vacation so loosen up a bit! You are on a break to have some time to relax and enjoy precious moments with your kids. Ask them what learned in school and listen to their stories. If you found out that they love learning about dinosaurs, why not go to a museum? Kids will surely love exploring interactive museums. Through the different exhibits, they will learn new things and feed their own curious minds. Museums provide an avenue for learning and a solid foundation for critical thinking.
Younger children can enjoy the hands-on play while the teenagers can learn more about the history, culture, art, and science without needing to excel academically. There’s no pressure of “not getting it right” because you are all there to have fun! Museums and galleries encourage learning and ignite their naturally curious minds. Not only it is a place for conducive learning, but it also a great place to bond as a family.

3. Let them be.

Yes, that’s right. Just let them be. Every vacation, there’s always a constant quest for adventure. Children nowadays are used to instant entertainment, instant information, and instant gratification. If you remove these convenient methods, they will have time to reflect and to develop of new ways to entertain themselves. Thus, they will explore the great outdoors and know more about the world around them.
This step is also a way for you to combine tip number 1 and 2. As a family, you can explore exotic locations and read the local bulletin about the city’s rich history or visit well-known landmarks. Ask locals what about places to visit or foods to try. Even a simple walk to the park will do rather than wasting precious time on mobile phones. During your downtime, you can discuss among yourselves what you like and don’t like about your trip. On your next vacation, you can do more of what you like and maximize the time you have as a family.

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