Well let’s face it… we all know that JAMS students are kind of “special” and extra gifted. But 2018 was FANTASTIC, the best year yet!

We are so proud of our students! A number of our students were recognized for their talent or academic achievements last year.

Here are the highlights… and if you see these little smarty-pants in the hallway give them a high five!!!!

  • Ridhi Patil

Findley Elementary School

Recognition: TAG (ITBS 99% Math and 99% Reading)
In addition, Ridhi was also recognized as TAG with Johns Hopkins Center of Talented Youth.

  • Raaga Mandala

Jacob Wismer Elementary School

Awards: Student of the Month

PE All Star Award

Recognitions: Solo performance (Nartana Kuchipudi Traditional Indian Dance School)

Raaga’s Fun Kitchen raised $200 for her school & $1000 for flood victims

  • Jaxton Devine

Rock Creek Elementary School

Recognition: TAG program

  • Leo Tanada

Richmond Elementary School

Recognition: TAG program

  • Navya Keerthi

Sope Creek Elementary

Recognition: TAG program (ITBS 99% Math and 96% Reading)

  • Vedanti Patil

Findley Elementary

Awards: 2018 NSF Regional Junior Science Bee (Winner)

2018 NSF National Junior Spelling Bee (8th place)

Math Kangaroo National (15th place)

TAG (ITBS 99% Math and 99% English)

  • Shlok Patil

Findley Elementary

Award: 2018 NSF Regional Junior Math Bee (3rd place)

  • Kohta Ito

Sato Elementary School

Recognition: TAG program nominee

  • Hatham Abozaed

Awarded a Certificate of Achievement in Mental Subtraction Calculation

  • Srinandan Prahalad

Valley Catholic Elementary School

Recognitions: Advanced Math program participant

99 percentile in Renaissance Star

  • Seth Kugel

Recognition: All School Spelling Bee (class representative)

Completed the multiplication challenged

  • Lucas Kugel

Recognition: Completed the multiplication challenged

Our Senseis are starting a 2019 year very very happy and proud of so much hard work and achievements beyond the classroom. Our JAMS students are excelling not only in mental math but also in other fields.

Did you miss Mika Sensei email asking for your child’s 2018 achievements and would like your child to be added to this blog post? Please send her an email right away!

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