Nowadays, when we say “games,” it’s not just limited to physical activities like basketball or soccer. “Games” can also mean computer games. You are probably reading this with your eyebrows raising. Hear me out, I know that computer games, online gaming in particular, have a negative connotation these days.

Believe or not, there are positive benefits from computer games. Of course, we should still supervise our children, and we should not leave them glued to the computer screen for too long. Too much of anything is not good.

Playing computer games can greatly aid in development and learning. Here are a few reasons why computer games are NOT the enemy.

1. Games improve hand-eye coordination.
Your child will use a keyboard or a mouse to play a game. Whether it’s on a computer or a gaming console, it needs an input device to operate, thus, improving hand-eye coordination. Aside from that, your child will begin to understand how a computer functions. He needs to look at the monitor to see what’s happening, and at the same time, he needs to control the game.

2. Games hone memory and concentration skills.
Usually, in order to accomplish a game, the player needs to memorize, solve puzzles, and follow through the intricate storyline. An example of this would be the Nancy Drew series by Her Interactive. Every game follows a point and click strategy. You would play as the famous girl detective Nancy Drew.

3. Games enhance computer literacy.
Today, technology is all around us, and we have become dependent upon these devices. With the help of games, your child will not fear the computer. In fact, he will soon realize that learning is fun. There are websites, such as Fun Brain and Ology, which provide a variety of educational games in numerous subjects.

4. Games enhance problem-solving skills, too!
Like I mentioned earlier, Fun Brain is a useful website to read and to play. Most of the games here, like the Math Baseball, require the player to think and act quickly. The goal is to solve as many math equations as you can. So, games like this help your child to use his logic and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, it improves speed and accuracy in solving puzzles.

5. Games help obtain new skill sets.
With games, your child can also learn new skills. For example, in that Nancy Drew game I mentioned, it’s classified as an adventure game. That means your child will need to explore the world of the game. He will learn how to navigate and use maps. He will also learn to pay attention to details by looking for clues and by reading what’s in front of him.

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