Are you wondering why it is important to help your child excel at math? The answer is more crucial than you think. With everything becoming high tech, math is not only an option, it’s a necessity. In fact, math is used in many professions today. And, not just the standard math careers you’re thinking of.

Actually, many of the dream jobs out there today use math. Here are just a few.


That’s right. Animators use math all of the time. And, this includes both classical and computer animation.

Do you remember your favorite animated movies or cartoons? It was math that made the scene look the way it did. Animators use math to bring balance to the picture. This is done through scaling and proportions.

As for computer animation, it’s all about math. Math creates things such as the bounce to a character’s hair or the falling snow. In fact, it’s math that makes today’s animation so lifelike.

Today’s animation is a product of computer programming. And, that requires math.

To be an animator, your child will need to know:

  • geometry
  • algebra
  • trigonometry
  • linear algebra

As you can see, math is an essential part of animation. And, animation is a dream job of many children. More importantly for you, animation is a growing field with increasing employment opportunities. You can rest assured if your child pursues a career in animation.

Game Developer

Video games are more than a trend. They’re here to stay. And, they are not just for fun. Games are also great learning tools. From elementary schools to police departments, the educational use of video games is growing.

What does this mean for your child? Well, it means that game development is a growing field as a math career. Since, gaming has ventured out of the entertainment sector, this ensures job availability.

Since game development is computer programming, math is necessary.

Specifically, a game developer will use:

  • algebra
  • geometry
  • trigonometry
  • linear algebra
  • calculus

Basically, math is what makes characters move along a path on the map. Or, it programs the trajectory of a bullet. Finally, it’s math that creates the setting of a game.

Really, math creates the whole game because it’s a computer program. And, computer programming requires math.

If being a game developer is your child’s dream job, then he or she will need math.

Forensic Analyst

You can thank TV for the fascination with this dream job. You know what I’m talking about — all those crime investigation shows where the forensic analyst is on the scene looking for evidence.

And how do you think the analyst gathers and processes that evidence? Yes, they use math. Forensic analysis is a science. When you see science, think math.

And, forensics is another growing math career. Also, it happens to be many a kid’s dream job.

Since, it’s a science, forensics uses math daily. For example, a forensic analyst will work with formulas, equations, probabilities, and statistics. Whether it’s figuring out a bullet’s trajectory or finding a DNA match, it’s impossible to not use math in forensic analysis.

In fact, a forensic analyst will need to know:

  • algebra
  • geometry
  • trigonometry
  • calculus
  • statistics

Even with using so much math, forensic analysis is not a boring math career. Furthermore, your adult child will be gainfully employed in an exciting job that provides a useful benefit to society.


For many people this job is a mystery. I bet you don’t even know what a cryptanalyst does, but you’ve probably benefited from their work.

A cryptanalyst designs computer programs that keep your private information safe by coding and decoding software. And, it’s not just the military or government that hires them.

Many corporations hire cryptanalysts to protect the information that you provide them. This information includes personal identifying information, credit information, and banking information.

All this information uses software to protect it from hackers. And, software requires coding and decoding. And, that requires math.

Honestly, a cryptanalyst is a specialized computer programmer. And, computer programming is an in-demand math career.

If your child is interested in cryptology as his or her dream job, he/she will need to know the types of math as the other dream jobs listed above. These include algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

If your child aspires to this career, he/she will use math to create anti-hacking programs. Or, they may run analysis programs to check whether or not the programs are working properly.

As hackers become more innovative in their attacks, cryptanalysts must also stay current with the learning curve to provide better protection. With the digital world expanding, the need for cryptanalysts will only grow.

You can imagine that, unfortunately, this is a career with a lot of growth potential.


I know what you’re thinking, how does being a doctor end up on this list? That’s simple.

Being a physician has always been a dream job, and it will continue to be one. And, physicians will always be in demand.

As for a doctor using math, they use it on a daily basis. Math is an important part of medicine as a science.

A doctor uses math:

  • To calculate the right dosage for a prescription
  • To figure out body mass index
  • To analyze imagery used in diagnosing a patient.

In addition, a doctor also has to be familiar with converting measurements from standard to the metric system.

And consider this: Math is so important in the field that medical schools typically have a math requirement for entrance.

Math Careers Are Changing

As you can see, math careers don’t have to be boring. Nor are they only found in a lab or a classroom. Math is essential to many jobs today, including so-called dream jobs.

That’s why ensuring your child has a strong background in math is essential to future success, whether he wants to be an accountant or a game designer. We can help you lay that foundation here at JAMS! Enroll your child now and get the started on the path to their dream job!

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