As a child, my parents put me in every extracurricular activity you could possibly think of.

Although I am eternally grateful and fortunate to have parents who wanted me to try everything (and had the financial means to allow me to experience so many activities), I know it also came with a big price. As a child, I felt incredibly overwhelmed and constantly stressed.

The Extracurricular Activity That Really Mattered

This went on until I was about 13 when my parents could no longer afford extracurricular activities, but they kept me in Abacus anyway. I know they did it because they understood that out of all the activities they had me in, which ranged from two-hour private swim lessons to 10 hours of ski team, they knew that Abacus was a skill that I would keep for life.

That’s why they kept me in Abacus. Abacus was something that I wouldn’t have to re-learn. Yes, if I wanted to be the best, of course I would have to train for competition, but not to the extent that I would have to train for a swim meet.

How Abacus Helps Me Every Day

Abacus is a skill where once you know it, you know it for life. I’m 24 now and in grad school; I still use Abacus every single day in class. Abacus has helped me in every part of my academic and professional career.

I didn’t just learn how to use the Abacus; I also learned time management, self-discipline, and a good work ethic. These are all skills that you need your entire life to be successful and happy.

It’s All About The Foundation

Abacus helped me far more in all of my exams, even my standardized college entry exams. SAT or ACT prep teaches you how to take those tests and how to get through your freshman year of college. Abacus lays a foundation that allows you to figure out far more on your own by teaching you time management, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic.

Also, many universities are not requiring SAT or ACT scores for college entry, so why focus your energy on getting your child to learn how to be a good test-taker when what they’re really going to need for all the real tests in their life are time management, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic?

Nothing fuels the fire for math than discovering you can be a math genius! If you’re not sure Abacus will help your child, sign up for a free preview of our online Abacus Classes – there’s no obligation to register! Come meet with us, watch some kids in action, calculating at the speed of light! We guarantee you will have fun watching these little geniuses.




JAMS is proud to be the only Abacus math school in Portland and in the State of Oregon certified by the League of Soroban of Americas. Since 2001, we have dedicated to Abacus & Anzan instruction and to building a strong foundation of Mental Mathematics along with lifelong skills. JAMS empowers children to achieve academic success, so they will grow in areas that go well beyond the classroom. JAMS parents can expect their child to improve in 5 different areas: concentration, discipline, problem-solving, time management, and confidence. This is the teaching approach at JAMS since opening its doors.