How Exam Weeks Help Intermediate & Above Level Students Grow


At JAMS we believe we teach our students more than just math – it is life skills of focus, preparation and confidence. Our mandatory Exam Weeks help instill a sense of accomplishment in our students. What is Exam Week? Exam Week refers to the 4 times during a given JAMS academic year when

Let’s Keep Growing This Winter Break


At JAMS we believe we teach our students more than just math – it is life skills of focus, preparation and confidence. Our first-ever Winter Homework Packet will help your child grow and apply JAMS Math to school-level math and give them a helpful headstart to the Winter Term starting January 2018. Why

Register Now for Summer Abacus Camp!


Registration is Now Open! Register Today!! Register as a New Student  ::  Register as a Returning Student Summer Camp - 6/27-8/18 (8 weeks) Tuesday-Friday Beginner 3:30-4:30, 6-7pm Tuition: $720 Intermediate, PreAdvanced, and Advanced 4:30-6pm Tuition: $360 Homework option 4 weeks - $125 8 weeks - $250 There is no make up week, just make up

Fall Term Tuition Increase


The tuition will be increased by $15 for Intermediate to Advanced Levels, and $30 for Beginner Level, beginning with Fall Term 2017.

JAMS Mentor Program


We are excited to launch, beginning with Spring Term, a Mentor Program for new JAMS parents and parents of students who are having difficulty advancing or other issues. The goal of this program is to help our students, and student families, to succeed, and we believe it will benefit the entire JAMS family. To participate:

Upcoming Dates for Srping/Summer/Fall 2017


*Note – We will no longer be offering in-house exams. You must sign up for the League of Soroban Education of America exam one month before exam week. 3/27 - New student orientation, 5pm - 6pm 3/28 – 6/3 – Spring Term 5/6 – Sign up deadline for the League of Soroban Education of America

Summer Camp


This year our Summer Camp offering will be 8 weeks long, and be held on Tuesdays through Fridays from June 27 through August 18. Students may attend once or twice per week. There will be no make-up week, but students can make up as they go. Dates: 6/27 - 8/18 Tuesday - Friday Beginner Level:

Success Adds up at Abacus Masters ’17!


Abacus Masters ’17 was a great success, made possible by our great students (83 students participated), families and volunteers. Our gratitude goes out to all who helped with the event and brought their support for the students. Our goal is to deliver an event that will showcase student skills, as well as providing an environment

Abacus Masters ’17


The annual competition - Abacus Masters - will be held in February 2017. This is a mandatory event for all JAMS students, and students from other states will also be participating. We'll be at the same venue as last year and more details will be coming to you over weeks leading up to the event.

New Classroom Space


We’re very excited to be growing and that our landlord has provided us with the extra space to accommodate additional students. Recently we opened the wall in our classroom to add more than 300 square feet, six tables and an additional 18 seats, as well as 8 new computers. As mentioned, it’s exciting to have

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